Lucy Scott is an experienced and qualified complementary practitioner. She offers a range of holistic treatments for common conditions such as IBS and skin problems. Read more…

Skin Clinic

The holistic approach of the Skin Clinic combines herbal formulas, nutritional advice and stress relief techniques to tackle the root causes of a variety of skin conditions. Read more…

IBS Clinic

IBS develops as a result of lifestyle issues that lead to prolonged periods of stress. The role of the IBS clinic is to provide information, resources and treatment to restore confidence and health. Read more…

Herbalist ::
1. : a person who practices healing by the use of herbs.
2. : a person who collects or grows herbs.

IBS Clinic


Lucy Scott Herbalist

Lucy Scott is a medically qualified complementary therapist and herbalist. She is passionate about restoring health and confidence to patients of all ages through the holistic treatment of common conditions which can have a significant impact on quality of life. She specialises in skin problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

Lucy combines her expertise as a practising nurse with over 15 years experience in complementary medicine. Her focus in on promoting optimum health and well-being by treating the underlying causes of problems.

Courses of treatment are tailored for each individual after a thorough assessment.

Lucy is a member of the Irish Register of Herbalists and has numerous qualifications in the complementary therapy field. Treatments offered at her private practice include herbal remedies, reflexology, breathwork and nutritional advice. Contact Lucy to book an appointment or make an enquiry.

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