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A very positive experience

I would thoroughly recommend Lucy Scott as my experience has been very positive. Lucy is a really lovely person who listens carefully and tailors treatments to your individual needs. She make you feel totally at ease and the results in my case have been extremely satisfactory.

C. Johnston

I wish I had found Lucy a long time ago!!!

I went to see Lucy for an IBS Consultation a few months ago after years of suffering with IBS. I had been in and out of doctors, private consultants and hospitals and every time I was just fobbed off with more medication which led to more problems and anxiety. I was unable to go out with friends for food for fear I would be sick, which had happened so many times. I restricted myself to food I thought wouldn’t make me sick which resulted in me losing weight, but still doctors took no notice and just tried giving me more tablets. In the summer it had really started to take its toll on my whole body, I had no periods, my mood was at an all time low, I had no energy and had to drag myself out of bed every morning for work. Basically I was not living the life of a normal 29 year old!

I had looked into alternative routes before but I thought what was the use this was just the way I was but I came across the Synergy clinic and seen they offered an IBS consultation so I rang to find out more. I decided to try it as I was really at my wits end and doctors were looking to put me on a form of anti-depressants which I was really against! Before I went to my appointment I filled out a small questionnaire. When I met Lucy in my first appointment it was so nice, unlike my doctors she actually sat with me for 15 to 20 mins asking how I was, what I was feeling etc and immediately she put me at ease. She carried our small wee tests asking me to push against her hands with different parts of my body (sounds daft I know but when you see how it works its amazing!). Through these tests and the food allergy tests Lucy could suggest natural medicines to help me and what foods to avoid. I admit is was hard going off certain foods but I had faith so I stuck my list on my fridge and I stuck to it for 8 weeks before my next appointment.

I noticed a difference within the first 2 weeks! I felt as I thought “normal” I could come home from work and not sleep for 2 hours, I could eat without being bloated! As the weeks continued I just couldn’t get over the change in me! I was able to eat more, was putting on weight and by time my second appointment came I had had 2 periods! I admit it was hard but if you stay committed you will really see the benefits! On my second appointment I was able to start eating some other food groups and have less natural tablets, and hopefully by my next appointment there will be even more improvements.

My whole family will agree that I am healthier and happier then ever! I am finally living the life of a 29 year old women and enjoying myself and having a social life which was non existent before, I wish I had found Lucy a long time ago!!!

Orla, from Belfast.

I can’t recommend Lucy’s treatment highly enough

Last year, I took my 9 year old daughter to Lucy on the recommendation of a friend and I’m so glad I did. My daughter was suffering from digestive problems, sore throats and headaches, which were causing her to miss a lot of school. Lucy gave her a herbal remedy to take and recommended some changes to her diet. After a week the difference was remarkable, my daughter felt better and her symptoms started to clear up. She was very happy to take her medicine (it has a bitter taste) and even took it to school to take with her lunch rather than wait until she got home.

This year my daughter has only missed two days of school compared to the weeks she missed last year. I cannot recommend Lucy’s treatment highly enough.

Sarah M

This treatment changed my life

I had the opportunity to have Transformational breath® sessions with Lucy. This treatment changed my life in different ways such as my mental health as well as physically. For many years I had spots on my face that were very painful. I have had a lot of treatments in order to heal this condition but none of them worked. When I had my breathing session I felt the benefit from the beginning. My skin was getting better and also my mental health by feeling strong, more confident and relaxed in my life. I felt a new energy and happiness.

Lucy is very professional in all of her treatments. I felt very safe, listened to and understood. Lucy is able to give you the best treatment for you to heal. She is an excellent holistic therapist.

Christina, Mallorca

After the course I felt so much calmer and more focused

Thank you, Lucy and Brian, for helping me through an amazing journey over two days. I have certainly “reclaimed my breath”. I overcame so many issues. I didn’t realize how many I had. I cried, laughed and felt freer than I have ever known. Also on the Monday after the course I felt so much calmer and more focused. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fiona Steele, Co. Down

I would highly recommend Lucy

I had problems with my stomach for a few months, and as a result of this had been back and forward to the hospital and all tests came back clear. I had felt run down and tired all the time, then Lucy was recommended to me. After my visit I left with a list of supplements, which at this point I thought it could not do any harm. A few months down the line I have no more problems and even other people have noticed how much better I look.

Would highly recommend Lucy to anyone.

Linda McCulloch

Lucy healed me from the inside out!

After suffering with severe allergies affecting my face with swelling and skin rashes, along with my physical and mental wellbeing from being so run down and low, I had exhausted all options from hospitals to specialists along with natural allergy testing and then was recommended kinesiology.

I found Lucy and literally she healed me from the inside out! I was very sceptical how kinesiology could work but Lucy managed to pin point certain foods to stay clear of, and with certain herbs to cleanse my liver and then others to boost back up my immune system along with a strict diet for a couple of months the benefits have been incredible.

I hadn’t realised how ill I had felt until I started healing and knowing it was all natural and not pumped full of steroid creams or tablets but just the knowledge of herbs and Lucy. My skin healed I am now able to eat the foods I was unable to and my nervous system is back on track. I’d definitely recommended Lucy.

From Sinead-Marie

I feel so much better

After one consultation with Lucy and having followed her recommendations, I feel so much better; more myself with improved energy levels, less anxious and better concentration.

Siobhan, Belfast.

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