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Naturopathy is the use of a variety of healing methods that do not involve medication but improve overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The core belief is that improving the functions of the digestive system and the detoxification pathways will improve overall health. 

The aims of these holistic techniques are to restore and re-balance body, mind and spirit, promoting health and well-being.

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Kinesiology Technique

is a method of checking the energetics of the body to find out what is weakening or what is strengthening the meridian energies by gentle pressure testing of muscle activities. This is used to determine the presence of food intolerances, intestinal flora derangement, hormonal imbalances, immune system weakness and nervous system blockages with a view to re-balancing and correction using supplements, herbs or therapies.

Kinesiology can also be used for correcting and re-balancing energies in the body through particular lymphatic or neuro-vascular points, chakra balancing and emotional stress release.



is a diagnostic technique by which the imbalances of the body are viewed in the iris of the eye. By photographing the irises and studying the structures and pigmentations, a health assessment can be carried out by which therapy recommendations can be made. This technique can take into consideration your genetic inheritance, personality and constitution.



is one of the best therapies for stress related physical and emotional imbalances. It calms the mind and promotes peripheral circulation through activating the parasympathetic (peace) nervous system and deactivating the sympathetic (stress) nervous system. It relaxes muscles and opens up the respiratory system to allow oxygen to energise the body.

This therapy involves micro-massage of the reflexes of the feet. The structures of the feet are assessed and analysed as a reflection of the person. Imbalances within the body are indicated by anomalies in the tissues, discolouration or tenderness in pressure points. The needs of the person are assessed and the treatment is tailored accordingly.



is Japanese for Universal energy. It is the life force of every living thing which can be felt in the body. This life force flows and can be detected by anyone who takes time to feel it. As a therapy it is very gentle and effective. Through stress, injury and infection the energy can be blocked leading to a sense of unease and out of sorts. During a Reiki session the therapist works to restore the healthy energy flow and rebalancing the chakras (‘energy wheels’ linked to hormone glands).


Bach Flower Remedies

are flower and tree essences where the energy of the plant is transferred into water. These positive energetic properties are used to transform our negative energies so that we can express positive thoughts and emotions.

None of the holistic diagnostic methods or therapies listed are used within contemporary medical models and so there are no claims to diagnosing or curing any particular diseases.

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